30th May South London Press

We got on the front page of Streatham and South London Press on 30th May 2014

Initial L Ct SLP

This article prompted the following letter

As a resident of 269 Leigham Court Road of nine years, I was pleased to see prominence given in your pages to the attempt to have the estate listed and our homes saved.

The anonymous Lambeth spokeswomen said the “consultation process” was “ongoing and through”. There was consultation, it is true, but I believe it was purely cosmetic and conducted only so Lambeth could claim that there had been consultation.

It is a word they bandy about frequently – as though continual repetition makes it true.

The plans for our estate were drawn up in January 2013 and pushed through by those behind it. The only ongoing consultation is with those residents who wanted to relocate anyway.

For the majority, there is no further consultation because our “priorities and expectations” are to save the estate and be allowed to stay in our much loved homes and valued community.

Deidre Shaw


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