Who Are We

We’re a group of people campaigning to save the council run sheltered housing on 269 Leigham Court Road in the London Borough of Lambeth. Lambeth Council are proposing to demolish this award winning sheltered housing and replace it with a private development. For full background see our initial press release

Some of us are residents, some of us are family, some of us simply care about keeping public services. If they take it from us, it won’t be there for you and yours.

Our campaign has received extensive media coverage.

We have picketed the council and gone to council meetings to try and change their mind. This has not met with much success, but we’re still trying

We are also trying to get support from architects. Our campaign is supported by Kate Macintosh, the original architect of the property, and the Twentieth Century Society (letter of support is here). We’re currently applying to English Heritage to get our property listed (case 1418793).

New supporters are always welcome, you don’t need to live in the property you simply need to care about public services. Please contact us to find out how you can get involved


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